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Foot Relief Liquid Filled Shoe Insoles come with a one year standard warranty against defects. The standard one year warranty starts from the date written on your insole package. You may opt to be covered under our Two Year Manufacturer Warranty by registering online or on location with an authorized reseller. In order to be eligible for the Two Year Warranty, registration is required. All extended warranty registrants agree to receive email correspondence including promotional emails from Foot Relief Insoles in order to qualify for the extended warranty. Participants who opt-out of email communications automatically forfeit qualification for the extended warranty program. Failure to register for the extended warranty within one year from the date stamped or written on your original insole package will void the extended warranty offer and you will no longer be eligible to register unless you purchase another pair of insoles. All warranty replacement requests must be accompanied by the warranty card (original package) with an unaltered date and extended warranty code written clearly on the package to receive a replacement.  Any indication that the date has been altered on the package will be grounds for denial of warranty service.

To receive a replacement of defective insoles you must complete the RMA Warranty Replacement Form.

Foot Relief Insoles values your business.  We are committed to keeping our customers satisfied.  The Quality of our insoles is constantly improving.  Our goal is to achieve the most comfortable feel while giving our customers one of the most durable insoles among all liquid and gel filled shoe insoles on the market.

Foot Relief Insoles is committed to delivering a quality product to our customers.  However, as with any personal wear product, a number of factors can result in varying lengths of product life.

Foot Relief Insoles has an outstanding track record of durability with a replacement rate of about 1-3 insoles out of every 1000 pair sold over the last year for our new, more durable model.  Although we cannot accurately foresee how each customer will wear or use our insoles which makes the exact lifespan of our product nearly impossible to determine, most insoles should last an average of 1-2 years or longer.  This is why we remain committed to keeping our customers satisfied by offering our unconditional One Year Warranty and our extended Two Year Warranty.  We hope this commitment to service will allow us your continued business and support.

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2 Year Manufacturer Replacement Warranty*

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