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Miracle Warmers™ Hot & Cold Therapy Bags

Miracle Warmers™ Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Bags are the perfect solution for heat or cold therapy.

Miracle Warmers™ are easy to use and reach temperatures between 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit within seconds of activation.  Miracle Warmers  provide up to a full hour or longer of soothing heat depending on bag size and the surrounding temperature. 

Miracle Warmers™ are made using a Safer Alternative, High Quality Medical Grade ISO Certified Thermoplastic Polyurethane Made in the USA.  Most of our competitors use Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) plastic.  Click Here to read the dangers of PVC.  Miracle Warmers are filled with non-toxic sodium acetate which is comprised mainly of sodium bicarbonate and vinegar found in many foods.

Miracle Warmers™ reusable hot and cold therapy bags  can keep you warm in cold environments and have been shown to help relieve pain associated with many of the following painful conditions:

Back Pain
Neck Pain
Knee Pain
Elbow Pain
Sore Muscles
Sore Joints
Poor Circulation
Muscle Cramps
Menstrual Cramping
Headaches and Migraines
Swollen Joints
Tennis Elbow
Carpal Tunnel
Sciatic Nerve Pain

Miracle Warmers™ are also great for use in the following real world situations:

Outdoor Cold Weather Survival
Sporting Events - Spectators and Athletes
Emergency Car Supplies
Bed Warmers
Baby Bottle Warmers
Traveling Food Warmer
Seat Warmer for Car or Sporting Event
Skiing or Snow Boarding
Hand Warmers in Cold Weather
Golf Ball Warmer

Miracle Warmers™ can also be used as a Cold Therapy Bag as well.  To use Miracle Warmers as a cold pack just activate the bag and wait until it completes its heating cycle.  Once the bag cools and becomes hard or semi-hard you can place it in the freezer for at least an hour or longer until ready to use.

Common uses for the Miracle Warmers™ as a cold therapy pack include:

Reduction of Swelling in Joints or Bones
Reduce Swelling of Sprains
Cold Therapy for Sports Injuries
Fever Reducer
Hot Flashes
Food and Drink Cooler
Bed and Pillow Cooler for Hot Nights

Miracle Warmers™ are easy to use and reuse hundreds of times.  They do not require batteries or electricity to activate making them an economical solution.  No more wasting money on disposable warmers.

Miracle Warmers™ can be reactivated simply by placing the cycled warmer in pot of boiling water on the stove or over a campfire, or in a rice cooker or steamer pot.  Boil the Miracle Warmer for 3-7 minutes until the Miracle Warmer turns from a solid back into a liquid, remove with metal tongs, lay on a towel to dry and you are ready to use it again.  You can even use the Miracle Warmer right out of the boiling water by wrapping it in a towel giving you even longer therapy time.

For Activation and Re-activation instructions download the instruction sheet: Click Here.

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