Refer a Friend Form

Recieve One Free Pair for Every New Customer You Refer!

When you submit this form you will receive a pre-formed, ready to forward email you can use to tell your friends about Foot Relief Insoles. You must forward the email we send you to your friends and family from your own email account. We would love to send the email directly to your friends from our server however they may not recognize our email address and could report us for spam which might get us shut down. We can't risk that. Thank you for understanding. By filling out this form you will receive a coupon for a free pair of insoles whenever one of your referrals places their first order

This information is required so we know where to send the free pair coupon when your friends make a purchase.


Your Friends Information

Please use your friends real first and last name or we will never be able to figure out who referred them.
Please make it easy on us. If your friend has a very common name please provide one of the options above that would help us to identify them should they place an order. Otherwise, there could will be a delay in receiving your free pair coupon until we are able to figure out who referred them.

You may use this form as often as you like to create referral emails which you can then forward to your friends. You will receive one free pair of insoles when any of your friends place their first order. Limit one free pair per verified order, on the first order only. To qualify for the free pair, customers you refer cannot already be in our system. Please refer only first time customers. You will receive a "ready to forward" email as soon as you hit the submit button below. Please check your spam, junk, and advertising folders if you do not see the email and mark us as a safe sender. There are no limits to the amount of friends you can refer. You can earn an unlimited amount of free insoles! If you work with a lot of co-workers that could add up to a lot of free insoles!