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  Save Our Business Sale & Fundraiser
*** Sale Extended Through 11/30/20 ***

Help Us Reach Our Goal by Nov. 30th.

Thank you to all our loyal customers who have helped us stay in business for the last 15+ years.  We could not have made it this far without you.  However, tough times call for drastic measures.  Like many brick and mortar and direct selling businesses we are struggling to stay in business and keep our heads above water.  We are so close to going out of business it's heart wrenching.  That's why we need to raise $20,000 in sales volume by November 30th to "Save Our Business".  If we don't reach that goal we will not immediately go out of business but unfortunately, without this increased funding, we cannot guarantee how much longer we can remain in business before we are forced to throw in the towel and resign to the fate of thousands of other struggling businesses.  Sad but true.

We currently have plenty of insoles in stock so that's not the problem.  The problem is a gradual decrease in sales volume while trying to keep up with all the expenses required to run a business.  Sadly, we are just barely breaking even at this point.  We would say our biggest problem has always been the quality of our insoles.  We never thought that building a quality product would be the problem and we know that sounds kind of funny but we constantly get reviews like this one: "I purchased my first pair at a fair 12 years ago and they finally wore out so now I am purchasing another pair."  You can see how this could be a problem during slow economic times.  What we need is more sales volume to help us make it through these tough times.  As you know we strive to build the best quality liquid filled shoe insoles you can buy and for the average user they can last a long time!  Users that are harder on our insoles still get 1-2 years which is still a long lifespan compared to typical store bought insoles.  When you factor in our pro-rated warranty there's really no comparison.

To solve this "short term" funding problem we have come up with a solution to help our customers save money while increasing sales volume, which will hopefully keep us in business until this turmoil is behind us.  We are now offering our best savings and incentive programs ever to earn your support.  By taking full advantage of the offers below you can literally get 6 pairs of insoles for the price of 2.  That's a 67% savings!  We have never offered these deep discounts before but if it means staying in business and keeping our customers happy then we are going to do whatever it takes.

You may find yourself wanting to help but can't afford to at the moment.  We fully understand your struggle.  In that case, the best way to help us keep the Foot Relief Insoles Brand alive is to spread the word!  We have included a link to a flyer below that you can print and fill out with your referral information.  This is a great way to help us get new customers and a great way for you to earn unlimited free insoles.  If you work for a business that is open please consider handing out the flyer to co-workers or pinning them up on a bulletin board.  If you really want to go all out you could even mention us in your company newsletter.  Let us know in advanced if you put us in your news letter so we can make sure you get credit for all the referrals.

Another way you can help us is by reviewing us on social media.  To do this just follow the review process after you complete your order.  If you are not placing an order at this time then the easiest way to spread the word is to join our affiliate program.  Once you join the affiliate program you can spread the word by email, text, and social media using pre-made templates with just one click.  The best part is you get a commission when your referral makes a purchase!  If you have a large social media presence or have a lot of contacts this would be a great way for you to spread the word and supplement your income at the same time!

Sale Ends November 30th:

Terms: Save 50% off all insoles using coupon code SAVE50 and when you purchase 4 pairs between September 26th through November 30th you qualify for a free pair if we reach our goal of $20,000 in sales or receive a 60% off coupon for your next purchase if we don't reach our goal.  Everyone who makes a purchase of at least two pairs qualifies for the Free Pair Review Program.  Anyone regardless of purchase can refer a new customer and earn a free pair.

**If you have purchased less than 4 pairs in the last 30 days we are retroactively including you in this promotion.  All you have to do is order enough insoles to get to 4 pairs total before Nov. 30th and you qualify for the free pair or 60% discount coupon at the end of the fundraising period.**

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1. Buy Now Save 50% - Use Coupon Code: SAVE50 at Checkout
2. Download the Refer-A-Friend Flyer and Earn Free Insoles
3. Join our Affiliate Program, Help Promote Us, and Get Paid!
4. Complete the Free Insole Review (Once you purchase 2 or more pairs)

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