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  2 Year Extended Warranty Registration

Note: You do not need to register every pair of insoles separately.  The warranty system will only accept one unique email address per registration.  Use the same registration code on all packages if you are registering multiple insoles.  Register again using a different email address if you wish to register a pair of insoles under a different name.  Fill out the form below to register.

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Foot Relief Insoles Extended Warranty Terms of Service.

Upon subscribing to the extended warranty you agree to the following:

Terms and Conditions: By default, all Foot Relief Liquid Filled Shoe Insoles come with a one year standard warranty against defects. The standard one year warranty starts from the date written on your insole package. You may opt to be covered under our Two Year Manufacturer Warranty by registering online or at an event or location with an authorized reseller. In order to be eligible for the Two Year Warranty, registration is required. All extended warranty registrants agree to receive email correspondence including promotional emails from Foot Relief Insoles in order to qualify for the extended warranty. Participants who opt-out of email communications automatically forfeit qualification for the extended warranty program. Failure to register for the extended warranty within one year from the date stamped or written on your original insole package will void the extended warranty offer and you will no longer be eligible to register unless you purchase another pair of insoles. All warranty replacement requests must be accompanied by the warranty card (original package) with an unaltered date and extended warranty code written clearly on the package to receive a replacement.  Any indication that the date has been altered on the package will be grounds for denial of warranty service.  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not fill out this form.

2 Year Manufacturer Replacement Warranty*

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