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Foot Relief Insoles only uses American Made Plastic making our insoles the strongest and one of the longest lasting liquid insoles available.  With a 97% customers satisfaction rating we know you will love our massaging liquid gel insoles.

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"I wanted to say that this is the best pair of insoles that I have ever used.  As a matter of fact it is the only pair!  These are great. I referred several people to you that have bought them."


"I will let everyone know what I have found and that they are backed by a great company."

A. H.

"My feet were thanking me the remainder of the day.  I haven't removed them from my shoes.  They really are very comfortable and the massaging action keeps you going all day."


"A friend told me about your product, because he knew that I had pain in my feet for the last nine months. I purchased an extra pair of insoles that he had purchased from you. In ten days my foot pain was gone."

Anthony Stevens

"Foot Relief Insoles are the best thing that has happened to my feet and legs in many years. Thank You."

Dee Danberger

"I can tell you that I began to feel relief within the first 30 minutes.  I have had chronic back, leg, and hip problems for the last ten years. Since I have been using your product I have not had any of these issues.  What a great way to live.  No more going to the doctor for pain killers. What is really terrific is that I am able to do the things that would cause me to be in pain!  I also have increased energy. Your product is absolutely fabulous. You have a committed life long customer."

Peter J. Plants

"Instantly my feet felt better.  I have had six foot surgeries, both knees replaced and one hip replaced.  As soon has these insoles were put in my shoes I felt so much better.  My lower part of the body felt so much better and my feet don't hurt at all!  I am even walking better.  Thanks for making a product that really works."

Ladine Sims

I just wanted you to know how very pleased I am with your product!  I am an elementary school teacher and I am on my feet all day in my classroom, for yard duty, and when I teach Physical Education.  My feet get a workout every day! Your Foot Relief Insoles are most aptly named! They make a huge difference in my comfort.  A comfortable teacher is a child's best friend!  Thanks again for your wonderful product!

Suzanne Hart

I want to let you know how wonderful your insoles are!  They have all but cured my plantar fasciitis!  Since I started wearing them my feet have felt great!  I'm a vet tech so I'm on my feet all day long.  Thanks again for the last four pain free months!


Jessica Ring

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Foot Relief Insoles Testimonials

Listen to what our happy customers are saying.  These are live testimonials and insole reviews from actual customers.  Click the play button to listen.  Disclaimer - There is No Guarantee of Specific Results.  Results May Vary.  30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

"I am a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service.  My pain was right foot plantar fasciitis radiating all the way up to my knee.  After several hours of walking the plantar fasciitis pain diminished to almost nothing!  Thank You."
Dee - USPS

"I felt like I was walking on water.  Within about five minutes my feet began to feel less tired, less sore.  I feel like my feet are better off having these insoles.  I highly recommend this product."
Anna Worden - California

"I can't begin to tell you how much I love these inner soles.  It's just indescribable how much they have helped me.  I feel like a different person.  It's a pleasure to walk on them.  I will recommend you to all my friends."
Arlene - New Jersey

"I want to let everyone know that relief is in sight for for aching feet, sore legs, and a tired back.  Very thin, very comfortable, and great relief for long days on your feet.  Hands down I recommend everyone get one or two pair so they can experience the same relief I've been experiencing.  Thank you Foot Relief Insoles."
Author Chris Rogers - California


"Just wanted to let you guys know that I am enjoying them.  I usually wear orthotics but I took those out and now I am just wearing the Foot Relief Insoles.  I have plantar fasciitis and these are working well to massage that out.  I am feeling a lot less pain."
Chris Esquinolas - California

"I work for a major shipping company at the front counter all day long on my feet. After a week and a half of wearing them my back pain was reduced almost completely. There is no comparison to these insoles. They are the best. They are wonderful. I don't go anywhere without them."
Christy - California

"As soon as I walked for about 10 minutes my knee did not hurt.  I walked back to the booth just to tell them.  I am awaiting surgery on my meniscus but I'm not sure if I need to have that done anymore!  It's amazing.  Thank you very much."
Cris Kurby - California

I have to tell you as soon as I bought these and I put them in my shoes my feet felt great and they did not hurt at the end of the day.  The padding is great.  I have been wearing them in my sneakers when I work out in the morning and I am very pleased with them.  It's amazing, I have no sore feet.  I highly recommend them."
Frances - California

"I am in the restaurant business and have been having problems with my feet for over 20 years and it was slowly getting worse.  I have cartilage in my left foot that is deteriorating and they said there is nothing that could be done.  I have tried half a dozen types of shoe inserts and they did nothing to help.  That was until recently when I found Foot Relief Insoles.  Now I am able to walk non-stop without resting.  Normally when I walk 6 or more hours I can barely walk the next day.  I have constant pain but that is all gone now.  These insoles are the best I have ever tried. These are definitely worth the price I paid for them."
Keith - Louisiana

"My feet were hurting really bad before I got Foot Relief Insoles.  I had gone to the doctor and paid over $500.00 for a pair of orthotics and they did not work.  As soon as I put your insoles in, my first few steps felt like I was walking on heaven.  I am a true believer.  These are the greatest things invented since the wheel!  I am going to wear these for the rest of my life.  They are great.  I am very happy."
McCann Taylor - California

"I bought the insoles a few months ago and my podiatrist keeps calling me and begging me for an appointment.  These insoles have changed my life.  I am in sales and marketing and spend my life on my feet and these insoles are amazing.  Just calling to say Thank You."
Michael - New York

"On my third day of the expo I found the Insoles, bought them, and I spent the fourth day pain free.  My knees were great, my feet had a spring in their step, and I am really happy to have these insoles.  Thanks so much for a great product."
Sheryl - California

"I tried your insoles and they helped my heel so much that I had to call and order more.  They are fantastic!  I want to send them to my orthopedic surgeon.  These are the best insoles I have ever worn."
Kim - Texas

"I am a housewife and a teacher and I just wanted to tell you how wonderful these Foot Relief Insoles are!  I have had two knee replacements and I have severe arthritis in my left foot.  I have tried many insoles and have spent hundreds of dollars but these give me more relief than any insole ever has.  I can't go without them. You feel like you are floating on air.  I never dreamed this thin insole would make so much of a difference in my health.  They have tremendously helped my knee healing.  I recommend them to anyone who is willing to try them."
June - Arkansas

"I tried the insoles because my right foot kept going numb and was hurting. It was just perfect!  They took away the soreness.  I got relief and my foot stopped bothering me!"
Carolyn Adams - California

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"I used Foot Relief Insoles while traveling throughout Brazil. I bought your insoles for the sole purpose of doing a lot of heavy walking and hiking. I used your gel insoles every single day I was there. I want to let you know they are wonderful and I thank God for them because without them my feet would hurt a lot. They feel very comfortable and really help me a lot in my daily walking activities. Thank you very much for a wonderful product. I will continue to use them for all of my walking and hiking needs."
Howard Shore

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