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"I wanted to say that this is the best pair of insoles that I have ever used.  As a matter of fact it is the only pair!  These are great. I referred several people to you that have bought them."


"I will let everyone know what I have found and that they are backed by a great company."

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Free Insoles for Life Contest

The Foot Relief Insoles Free Insoles for Life Giveaway Starts Now!  Help us go viral and you could become a winner for LIFE!  To participate just follow the steps below.

Foot Relief Insoles is giving away 1 Pair of Foot Relief Extreme Sports Insoles per year FOR LIFE to one random winner for every 20,000 social interactions we receive (combined) from the social media platforms listed below, until we reach 1 million social interactions.  That's a total of 50 Free Insoles for Life Winners to be chosen at random.  What is considered a social interaction in order to participate?  See the list below.  Complete all 5 social interactions below for even more chances to win!  If you already subscribe to one or all of these platforms then all you have to do is tweet or post one of the sample tweets/posts below to enter the contest.  Follow us and post/tweet to all the social media platforms below to confirm up to 5 entries in the contest.  You will remain in the running until the goal of 1 million social interactions is achieved upon which time the contest will end.  Updates and winners will be posted to the social media sites below and by email when a new winner is selected.  The more you share, the more viral this becomes, and the more winners are selected.

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WIN FREE INSOLES FOR LIFE!  Foot Relief Insoles, the manufacturer of the greatest insoles on Earth, is giving away 1 Free Pair of Insoles per year FOR LIFE to 50 lucky winners!  Just follow Foot Relief Insoles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr AND re-post/re-tweet this message on your account to enter the contest.  Post/Tweet this message on all 4 social media platforms for more chances to win.  Visit www.FootReliefInsoles.com/freeinsolesforlife for details.  #FreeInsolesForLife

Disclaimer:  Winners will receive 1 pair of insoles per year for as long as Foot Relief Insoles LLC remains in business.  Which we hope is a very long time!

2-3 Year Manufacturer Replacement Warranty*

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